The Eisteddfod

by Lally Katz

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29 April - 14 May

'Lally Katz is a true original...' The Age

Following the bizarre death of their parents, Abalone and Gerture retreat to the family home, cutting themselves off from the outside world.
They have a claustrophobic relationship where the line between fantasy and reality has become disturbingly blurred. Their insular world begins to fracture when Gerture starts to dream of a life beyond the confines of their home. But Abalone has other ideas.

A darkly comic and disturbing fantasy that explores suburban childhood and the role of performance in our daily lives, written by one of Australia's most groundbreaking playwrights.


That Face

by Polly Stenham


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23 Sept - 8 Oct
Tickets will go on sale in August 2011

'A superior piece of work...' Sydney Morning Herald

Polly Stenham's stunning debut is the exploration of an affluent family out of control. Martha has been abandoned by her husband and left to raise her two teenage children alone. But Martha has an addiction to prescription drugs. Henry, her son, has dropped out of school to care for her, and her daughter Mia, is on the verge of expulsion from her expensive private school for drugging a fellow student with Martha's sleeping pills. Their world is turned on its head when their father returns from Hong Kong to fix the 'problem'